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The "digital cash," which has been regarded as mankind's dream and the ultimate cash form, has been born.

A new era has begun in which anyone can issue cash and transfer, exchange, and store it across all boundaries.



Since the Internet was opened to the private sector in the 1990s, text, voice, images, and video have instantly crossed all boundaries. The first stage of the Internet, as an "Information Share Platform," has penetrated every corner of the world. Human activities are not limited to information exchange. Commercial transactions on the Internet have also expanded explosively, fundamentally changing the traditional business practices.

However, even today, money settlement cannot be made over the Internet, but rather through a specially prepared settlement network.

However, the digital crypto cash that mankind has been waiting for has been born, and value can be exchanged on the Internet.

Finally, the second stage of the Internet as a "Value Share Platform" has begun.


What is?

Information technology has been introduced to the world of finance, with various automation and networking, but due to inadequate information security technology, huge losses have been incurred in both Internet banking and Internet securities. In addition, the recent development of quantum computers is about to accelerate the further weakening of information security.

However, with the complete cipher developed in recent years, everything in finance can be made secure. Remittance, payment, and storage are no exceptions.

What we can

2021-06-18 (3).png

Provide platforms for digital cryptocurrency and digital crypto securities.

2021-06-18 (4).png

Provide essential financial Information technology for remittances, payments, etc.

Our Procucts

Our Products

CIPHER SECURITY Information Security Assessment Business

Conduct information security diagnosis for all businesses that handle confidential information, including financial institutions and auditing firms, and provide guidance and support for implementing countermeasures using our seven cryptography-related products. We will design and sell the products as (1) an IT introduction support provider and (2) a subsidy applicant.

CIPHER COMPASS International Money Transfer Business

Provide "Compass" software, which enables direct money transfers based on "Crypto Cash" technology, so that overseas money transfers can be made more inexpensively, quickly, and securely. We will also conduct the international money transfer business ourselves as a money transfer agent (license pending with the Kanto Local Finance Bureau). 


Current online information exchange via email, SNS, and cloud storage is not only extremely vulnerable in terms of information security, but is also completely unsecured from the providers of these tools. We will provide "Cipher Tunnel" software, which is a software for users to communicate and messaging by themselves, to all businesses that handle confidential information, such as financial and medical businesses, with complete confidential communication and complete remote authentication functions.


Provide "CIPHER CORE CASH PLATFORM," a platform for issuing, managing, and using digital "cash," which was developed for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Preparations for issuance have already begun in developing countries, and preparations are underway for its introduction in Japan as a "regional" and "industry-specific" monetary platform. The real-time and full amount processing will simultaneously solve the problems associated with ledger settlement used in banknets and credit-only nets.
We will cooperate in the introduction of a central bank digital legal tender (CBDC) that can be issued and managed with the function of a settlement tax. We will also cooperate in the introduction of local currencies/community currencies/functional currencies backed by natural resources and energy, contributing to a multi-tiered economy.


Provide "Cipher Core Securities Platform" software that issues and manages "digital securities" with complete confidential storage, complete confidential communication, and complete remote authentication functions. The software enables high-speed and high-turnover transactions and contributes to economic densification through direct, real-time trading and simultaneous settlement of "digital cash" and "digital securities" over the Internet.

News Release

News Release

About Us

​About Us

Company Profile (as of February 8, 2022)

Company Name   CIPHER-CORE Co., Ltd. 

Date Established  December 28, 2021

Representative   CEO Takatoshi Nakamura

Capital   50,000,000JPY ( Capital reserve  50,000,000JPY)

Shares of Common Stock Issued  10,000


Head Office  1-39-11 Kamiikedai, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 145-0064, Japan

Mie Office  2-1-192 Akatsukidai, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie, 512-8046, Japan



Takatoshi Nakamura​


Representative Director of Information Security Research Institute, General Incorporated Association, Representative Director of NTI, Inc., Auditor of Nakamura-Gumi Co., Ltd.

He holds four engineering degrees from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering of Keio University, and the Department of Ocean Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

After working at McKinsey & Company Japan, he became a research affiliate of MIT, studying computer architecture and information security.  He succeeded in developing a cognitive processor, which is a non-Von Neumann logic circuit.  He then perfected cryptography and sublimated it into modern cryptography with quantum computer resistance.  As its applied technology, we have developed an end-to-end protection technology for communication system, a remote authentication technology for IoT system, and a crypto cash technology.

Honorary Chairman of the Board

Riichiro Nakamura​


Representative director of Nakamura-Gumi Co., Ltd., founder of NTI, Inc.

After graduating from the Department of Civil Engineering at Ritsumeikan University, he joined the Nakamura-Gumi. Since then, he has been engaged in the development and maintenance of regional infrastructure as a local general contractor in the northern part of Mie Prefecture for more than 60 years.

Since ancient times, the excavation method of open digging and burying method from the ground has been used for laying sewerage.

However, since nearly half a century ago, open digging method has become difficult in densely populated areas, traffic concentration areas, or crossing areas of railways and roads, and tunnel method has been required.  For the construction of small-diameter tunnels where people cannot work in the pipe due to the small-diameter, he jointly developed a semi-shield method (Robot Jacking method) that performs semi-automatic excavation and semi-automatic surveying and spread it to the world.  To date, it has succeeded in laying curves, long-distance laying, and non-ferrous pipes, and has contributed to achieving the world's highest sewerage penetration rate in Japan.

Director COO​

Motoyuki Odachi


Member of Information Security Research Institute, Executive Officer of NTI, Inc., Advisor of Nakamura-Gumi Co., Ltd.

Certified accountant / tax accountant

Former member of the House of Councilors

He has served as Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Finance, Chairman of the Finance Committee.

After graduating from the department of Economics at Keio University, he worked for Arthur Andersen (now KPMG) before establishing an accounting firm.  Since then, he is involved in many startup support.

Director CFO

Masayuki Tsuda


Representative at Masayuki Tsuda Tax Accountant Office.

His related company reorganized and exchanged shares between a new self-developed business and an US OTC company in the United States and listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market in the United States and utilized this system to raise necessary business funds.

After graduating from the Department of English, Department of Foreign Studies, Sophia University, he worked for a major shipping company for about 20 years. He is engaged in international taxation, overseas financing, ship finance business, etc.


Koichiro Ito


Member of Information Security Research Institute, Audit of NTI, Inc.,  Legal Advisor of Nakamura- Gumi Co., Ltd.

A real estate appraisal committee member and a construction dispute mediation committee member of the Tokyo District Court.

After the Department of Law at Chuo University, he worked as a court clerk and then a lawyer.

He belongs to a law firm dealing with corporate revitalization and corporate legal affairs, and after engaging in large-scale revitalization projects, he established a law firm focusing on conflict resolution from the standpoint of a citizen who is overwhelmed by his mighty power and authority.

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